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pregnant woman, are expected to be okay. hampden, on the other hand -- >> we moved here to avoid what happened here. >> yes. i moved here so i wouldn't have to worry about shootings and be worried about where i have to park my car at night and where i walk to. >> reporter: some here like caitlin berry are rattled. others a bit angry. the avenue is bustling on a saturday night. owners who runs the true vine record store are accustomed to plenty of noise, but not the piercing sound of gunfire. >> you see fights and people screaming at each other a lot. that's commonplace. but this is the first time i've heard about people shooting each other. >> reporter: what is left is this strip of crime tape, and an uneasy feeling. police have been dealing with the double shooting two weeks ago at the inner hash were heightened patrols and overall security downtown. the same is now being done in hampden as patrol cars are repeatedly and often visible. a noticeable change to settle some nerves. >> yeah, it does.
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i've been seeing the cops so much the past couple days. it's not what i'm used to. >> reporter: but police do know who they're looking for in this case there is an arrest warrant out for their suspect and say it should be a matter of time before they're in custody. now police do believe this was not a random shooter. authorities believe the shooter knew the victims, and they all knew one another. live in the studio, brian kuebler, abc 2 news. maryland state police are looking into a kidnapping and assault case in harford county. the suspect a registered sex offender. troopers say just before midnight last night, they were called to the 7-eleven on abingdon road for an assault. they found a woman bruised and bleeding, apparently paul girard johnson, junior of bel air had that woman in his car and wouldn't let her out, threatening her with a knife near the 7-eleven. she tried to escape, but he grabbed her by her clothing, dragging alongside the car. he then apparently let her go. johnson has been taken into custody hand has been charged. a registered sex offender
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is charged with visiting thurmont school without permission. most of the suspected violations by steve yingling were to drop off or pick up his son at lewis ton elementary. he pleaded guilty to second degree sex offense. police need help tracking down two robbery suspects. a woman told police she was in her car to a drive-through atm when two men came up top her. it happened at the bank of america in severna park. one of the men displayed what the victim said was a fake handgun and demanded money. she handed over the cash and her cell phone. if you have any information to help track down those suspects, you're asked to call metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lock- up. and police continue to investigate a deadly boating accident on marley creek in anne arundel county. two boats crashed into each other near thomas point around 6:00 last night. a father and daughter were thrown out of one boat. they were rescued safely. but 47-year-old man died in the
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other boat. his name has not been released. witnesses tell abc 2 news that boaters frequently speed where marley and curtis creeks meet. department of natural resources police are still investigating the crash. an anne arundel county teenager will be in court tomorrow for a hearing in the beating death of 14-year-old christopher jones. jones was attacked while riding a bicycle in his crofton neighborhood last may. it was a highly publicized case. police athe killings stem from a gang-related rivalry even though christopher was not in a gang. sources tell abc 2 news that 15- year-old trey robinson is expected to plead guilty to manslaughter as a juvenile. a codefendant, 16-year-old javel george is charged an adult. he goes on trial in october. a new prison could soon be coming to the eastern shore. the federal bureau of prisons is considering a privately owned facility to keep up with demands for bed space. it would hold about 1300 low security prisoners from the washington, d.c. area.
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the proposed princess anne area facility will be discussed in a series of public meetings this week, including tuesday's meeting of the somerset county commissioners. and we have an abc 2 news update on nearly two dozen dogs found in a home last friday. the 21 dogs were found in an orchard beach home that was in terrible condition with feces two feet deep on the floor. officers condemn the house and took the abused animals to a shelter. so far no charges have been filed. today we received some pictures of the dog they recovered at the animal control center. county officials say many people have called to offer to adopt the dogs, but they say these animals face many physical and mental issues before they are healthy enough for adoption. new at 5 tonight, thousands of people are on the run from eight california wildfires burning tens of thousands of acres. they are leaving their homes behind, not knowing what will be there when they come back. some houses are already in cinders, with thousands more at
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risk. abc 2 news terry owens joins us with the latest. >> reporter: marybeth, the largest blaze is in the mountains north of los angeles. it is out of control, burning more than 85,000 acres, and outrunning thousands of firefighters who are risking their lives to try and stop it. one blaze, the station fire, is blamed for the deaths of two firefighters. their vehicle ran off the road and rolled down a mountainside yesterday. that fire is now bearing down on mount wilson. that's a main communications hub for los angeles. but it's moving slowly, allowing firefighters time to clear brush and bulldoze buffer zones. people living farther north had no time to save their homes as flames quickly destroyed entire neighborhoods. >> we're trying to stay out of the way. we're trying to keep a watch on what is going on. if the fire trucks show up, we'll get out. >> thank god the santa anas aren't blowing, because if they were, this would be done. >> for sure. >> this there is some good news tonight. visibility has improved over the los angeles national
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forest. that's allowing planes to continue their aerial assault. but the flames have plenty of fuel. they're being fed by brush that hasn't burned in 40 years. terry owens, abc 2 news. around our region today, an absolutely gorgeous day started out a little slow on the eastern shore with shower activity. but right now nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful radar. a nice clear scan out there. and things are going to be logisticking on the cool side for the next couple days. take a look at what it looked like as far as our forecast for this evening. partly cloudy, temperatures will hang in the low 70s. mild temperatures. by early tomorrow morning, we could set a record low temperature. we'll tell you all about it, coming up in a couple of minutes. felt like fall. felt like football weather. the baltimore ravens have one more preseason game before the regular season begins. but one raven won't be back on the field for at least six weeks. bob carlin joins us now with the latest. bob? >> reporter: hey, marybeth. samari rolle was placed on the
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physically unable to perform list today. any player on the pup list must sit out or t first six games of the season. rolle is still recovering from a neck injury. actually, the news today was good news. john harbaugh calls the media that could play before the end of the season. obviously the team will take all precautions. derrick mason has -- enrolled for 12 years and says safety must come first. >> you're talking about a neck, not a knee or ankle. you're talking about a neck. something if not corrected and you try to go out there early, you can possibly be paralyzed. so, you know, i just want samari, whatever he needs to do to make sure that he is healthy. y care less if he -- i would love to have him out there, but his health comes first. >> rolle wasn't available to the media this morning, so we didn't get his reaction. coming up in sports at 6, what it's like this week for the players still playing for their
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professional careers. interesting stuff. rob carlin, abc 2 sports. >> thanks, rob. abc 2 goes back to school with your kids today. we'll take you to dunbar high school, where kids got to hang out with vips on their first day back. grocery shopping and a doctor's visit. who says the retail clinics can sometimes be your best bet. plus, an amazing dog rescue. after hours of struggling in a raging river, how that pup was finally saved. and let's take a time lapse look at the welcome today from ocean city. a little bit of cloud cover. still wish i was there, though. norm will be coming back to full forecast.
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capturing the beauty of nature. sharing what i see. that's my vision. and i'm living it. every day, transitions lenses are there to help care for my sight. announcer: transitions lenses adjust to changing light to reduce glare and help protect your eyes from uv damage so you can see better today... and tomorrow.
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live your vision. transitions. healthy sight in every light. transitions lenses are available at an america's best location near you. you're watching baltimore's station that works for you. now abc 2 news at 5. >> back to school for kids in baltimore county and baltimore city. students at dunbar high school in east baltimore got a warm
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welcome on their first day back. abc 2 news linda so reports one of the city's best known doctors paid them a visit. [ cheering ] >> reporter: standing in front of their newly renovated school, dunbar students gave it up on the first day back. the governor, lieutenant governor, mayor dixon and city school ceo were all there to greet them. dr. ben carson from johns hopkins hospital was the guest speaker, using some humor to inspire. >> started out as an adult neurosurgeon, but i quickly discovered no how good an operation i did on the chronic back pain patients they never got any better until they got their settlement. where as with the young people, with the youngsters, what you see is what you get. >> reporter: dunbar underwent a $32 million renovation, adding new computer labs and high-tech classrooms to support the school's health curricular professions. >> one of the best high schools in "newsweek," to have a 100% graduation rate.
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those are not things that happen by chance. they happen by choice. not only the choice that you make, but the choices that we make together. >> reporter: students and parents are excited to make their mark. what is your goal for this year. >> to pass all my classes so i can walk across the stage. >> i came down saturday, and the new improvements on the school, it really looks nice. and i think the kids should do really well down here. >> the person who determines whether you'll be successful or not is you, by the choices you make. and we, those of us who are old around here we are depending on you to be the ones who come up with the great ideas. >> reporter: in east baltimore, linda so, abc 2 news. >> now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate. here is chief meteorologist norm lewis and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> today's weather felt so appropriate for the first day of school. a little bit of fall. >> a little bit of a fall nip. and tomorrow morning it's going to be really nippy.
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the kids are going to need a jacket at the bus stop tomorrow morning there is a chance we could set a record low. the record low is 53 set back in 1963. we could hit that, and possibly even eclipse it, particularly north and west of the beltway. we'll talk about that in just a second. in the meantime, let's take a look outside right now. the shot from harbor cam overlooking the downtown area. a few light clouds out there. but really, a pretty nice day. our temperature right now at bwi thurgood marshall way below normal. 2 degrees. 51% humidity. wind from the northwest at 5. pressure steady, 30.12. there are the tides tomorrow. a low tide at 5:28 in the morning. high tide just after the noontime hour, 12:25. tomorrow's winds from the northeast is 5 to 10 miles per hour. sun comes up at 6:35. we'll set at 7:37. throughout the day today, over on the eastern shore, and actually down in anne arundel county, they had a few little light scattered showers early this morning. but they all cleared out. a beautiful day today. lots of sunshine. a few light clouds around. but as the sun goes down, those clouds are going to be
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disappearing. a little larger picture shows the shower activity that we had over southern portions of virginia, southern maryland, and also down around the outer banks of north carolina that had shower and thunderstorm activity. also around the myrtle beach. it's moved out into the atlantic. but the little troughs of low pressure are going to continue moving along the eastern seaboard, mostly out in the ocean. it will not bother our weather. overnight and the next 24 to 36 hours things are looking pretty good. right now nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful radar. okay. we just talked about dunbar but, we got to talk about poly. got to give them a shot too. 71 degrees. got to have equal time, right? 71 degrees. their high 89. i think something is wrong with their thermometer. but as far as st. stephens school and some of the other temperatures around the region, towson 68. 70 in hanover. annapolis 69 degrees. same in havre de grace 69. 66 in westminster. and eldersburg right now at 70 degrees. as far as our forecast for the
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overnight period, the few clouds that we got around right now, as the sun goes down, they're going to disappear. and beautiful day during the day tomorrow. but it's going to start on the chilly side and be chilly again tomorrow and tomorrow night. any shower activity not going to bother us at all. as a matter of fact, looks like it's going to be almost a precipitation-free week. overnight mostly clear, chilly, 54. now the record is 53. so we're going to get near it. but some places, again, north and west of the beltway could be a lot cooler than that. during the day tomorrow a pretty nice day, mostly sunny, still cool with a high of only 75 degrees. and the extended outlook. look at the overnight low tomorrow night into wednesday morning. 50 degrees. then we start a warm-up. 79 on wednesday. 80 on thursday. 81 on friday. still below normal temperatures. the same thing for saturday, sunday, and monday. below normal temperatures with lots of sunshine on tap, with cool morning low temperatures. we'll be back with more on the weather in just a little while. baltimore city police officers are used to car accidents. they respond to them all the time.
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but it doesn't make it easier when one of their own is injured in a crash. abc 2's joce sterman has details on a grisly crash on interstate 81 in pennsylvania that left a city cop with serious injuries. >> reporter: marybeth, mike jones probably has a lot of experience handling accidents thanks to 16 years with the city police force. but none of that could have prepared him for how to deal with an accident over the weekend that sent him to the hospital and claimed the life of his son and his son's girlfriend. according to city police, jones, his 18-year-old son michael and his 19-year-old girl shaniqua tucker were riding back to baltimore saturday when the accident happened on interstate 81 at a point about 45 minutes north of harrisburg. police say when they hit some bad weather, jones lost control of the car, flipped, and ran down an embankment. tucker and the younger jones were killed. officer jones was injured. he has since been flown back to shock trauma, and his buddies on the force are pulling for him. >> currently assigned to the
5:18 pm
northeastern district patrol unit. she a good officer. has a lot of investigative skills, a lot of history with the baltimore police department. >> reporter: jones this afternoon was listed in serious but stable condition. family members meanwhile tell us a candlelight vigil will be held tonight at 6:00 at overlea high school where the younger jones and miss tucker first met. joce sterman, abc 2 news. in 2 your health tonight, there was a time when there were only two places to get medical care, your doctor's office or the hospital. retail clinics are becoming increasingly popular. but is the care as good as a regular doctor's office? retail clinics have become an increasingly popular source of more affordable urgent care, usually located in pharmacies or grocery chains, they offer limited services to treat minor health products and require no appointments, are open on weekends and evenings and report little waiting time. a recent study compared the costs and quality of services at these clinics with that of physicians offices, urgent care
5:19 pm
centers and emergency rooms for the treatment of three common illnesses -- ear infection, sore throat, and urinary tract infection. they found while the quality of care at clinics was similar to physician offices and urgent care centers and better than care in emergency rooms, these clinics were significantly less expensive. on average, treatment at the clinic was five times less expensive than in the emergency room. these findings suggest that for certain common illnesses, retail clinics offer care that is comparable to traditional health care facilities at a more affordable price. retail clinics are popping up in more than grocery stores and pharmacies. you can also find some in large retail stores like target, for example. after being stranded at sea for more than a week, a trio of fishermen get a second chance at life. how they were finally saved, and see their happy family reunion. and watch this. you think that's a criminal speeding away from the cops. it's not. why a 9-year-old says he stole
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his parents' car.
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abc 2 news at 5:30 is coming up. hello, everybody, i'm terry owens. new at 5:30, bradford bank is under new management. how customers are reacting. plus, they are hard shoes to fill, but someone has to. the latest on efforts to replace senator ted kennedy. and abc 2 works for you so you don't waste your money. what to look out for in the celebrity products endorsements. we've got the stories. norm will tell us how long we can leave the air off, and that's all ahead at 5:30. >> thanks. hold on. the look at news across the
5:24 pm
nation starts with this wild ride in indiana. police thought they were chasing a drunk driver, and they were shocked to find out it was a 9-year-old boy behind the wheel. they used stop sticks to flatten the car's tires. inside they found a boy cowering on the floor. he was mad at his mom and dad because they told him to stop playing for night so, he took off. the boys told the officers he was heading to a friend's house. an amazing water rescue in pennsylvania early in the morning. a pit bull was spotted walking in the shallow water of the schuylkill river but things took a turn for the worst when she fell into the waterfall. for hours she clawed at the sides, trying to get out, and because she was too close to the falls, rescue teams couldn't pull her out. >> i don't know how he lasted that long. >> eventually the dog was too tired and had to give up. the water pushed her towards the rescuers where she was eventually saved. vets are now calling her river.
5:25 pm
it turns out spider-man and mickey mouse will be hanging out soon. the deal that has the comic book tough guys heading to the happiest place on earth. abc 2 news at 5:30 starts in two minutes.
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now abc 2 news at 5:30. >> a second failed bank in maryland this year leaves some customers with second thoughts on the safety of their accounts. good evening, everybody. i'm terry owens. federal regulators seized bradford bank on friday, and today, as abc 2 news jeff hager
5:28 pm
reports, its nine local branches tried to maintain business as usual. >> reporter: driving by its main branch in towson you couldn't spot any panic in the customers coming and going from bradford bank. but there is some uncertainty. >> i actually closed the account today. moving to a more convenient location. >> reporter: signs of the century-old thrift will soon be replaced by those of m&t bank bank. but an ombudsman from fdic says bradford account holdlers still be able to conduct their business as usual. >> they can continue to use their atm cards. they can continue to write checks and need to continue the make their loan payments. they need to continue to do all the business that they have always transacted with the bank. >> reporter: the fdic took over the bank after failed loans stripped it of the money it needed to continue to operate safely. and m&t bank bank agreed to assume its deposits and assets.
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>> i wasn't aware of it until two days later. it concerned me a little. but i have a lot of faith in fdic. but m&t bank is a good bank. >> reporter: the president of m & t's atlantic division says it will be bigger and better since former bradford customers will soon have access to more branches and atm machines than any other bank can provide in the regions. >> they'll have access to over 300m & t branches as well as 740 atm facilities. and this is the largest branch in atm network in the baltimore- washington corridor. >> reporter: former bradford bank customers will be able to use their atm cards emmitt's many locations beginning this thursday, september 3rd. jeff hager, abc 2 news. >> and jeff says m&t bank will keep the nine bradford branches open for now with all

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